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Author Estelle Weber
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A pre-approval loan is a document from a lender that states the amount of money for which you are approved. This document is not meant to guarantee the loan, but it does indicate that the lender is willing to loan you. Pre-approval usually involves reviewing your credit history and estimating the amount of it is possible to get. It can take several days or weeks to receive the pre-approval letters, based on the lending policies of the lender as well as the degree of your credit history.   Best Egg Loan Login

FHA loans require an at-least 3.5 percent down payment. This is significantly less than the traditional 20% deposit required by most lenders. Keep in mind that mortgage insurance fees (MIP) that can substantially increase the cost of your monthly payments, will be needed throughout the loan. So it's important to weigh the cost of MIP against the savings you could make on interest rates when deciding if you should take out an FHA loan is the right one for you.   Best Egg Loan Log In

It is contingent on the amount. For a small loan it could take between one and two years to pay off. But, a larger loan could take as long as 10 years. It all depends on the interest rate and the amount of the monthly payments. A smaller monthly payment could assist you in paying off your loan more quickly. It will take you longer to repay the loan if interest rates are low.   Best Egg Loan Login

Secured loans are secured with collateral. This could be your home, car or other property. Lenders have the right to seize collateral in the event that you fail to make loan payments. Unsecured loans don't require any collateral and are therefore riskier for the lender. Unsecured loans usually are more expensive due to the nature of this risk.   Best Egg Loan Log In

The collateral for a loan is the asset, or other asset, that the borrower gives to the lender as security to repay. If the borrower fails to repay the loan then the lender is able to take possession of and/or sell the collateral to repay the debt.   Best Egg Loan Login

There are a variety of methods to eliminate PMI from an FHA loan. The first is to wait for the principal balance to fall below 78% of the initial home's value. Another option is to request the lender to end PMI after the mortgage balance falls below the 80% mark. Another option is to convert the refinance into a conventional loan which would automatically remove PMI.   Best Egg Loan Log In

There are a variety of ways to calculate the loan-interest rate, however the most popular is the compound. This formula is based on the principal amount of loan and the annual interest rate as well as the number of periods that the loan has to be repaid. Let's say you have an amount of $10,000 and a 5% interest rate. If you intend to repay the loan over five years (60 months) the monthly payment would be $193.72. In all, $11,562.40 would be paid in interest over 60 months.   Best Egg Loan Login

There are a variety of ways to verify the status of your loan. You can contact the lender or go to their website online. In most cases, you'll need information such as your name and your social security number. When you've entered the required information on the website, it will provide you with an update about the status of your loan.   Best Egg Loan Log In

There are many ways to check the status and the condition of your loan. You can call the lender, or visit their website online. Typically, you will need to give your name, Social Security number, and loan number. Once you've entered the information, the website will provide you with an update regarding the progress of the loan.   Best Egg Loan Login

There is no definitive answer to this query since it varies according to a variety of variables, including the lender you deal with as well as the type of FHA loan you select. A majority of lenders will require your credit score to be at least 580 in order to be eligible for an FHA mortgage.   Best Egg Loan Log In

You are able to apply for an VA loan as often as you'd like. The United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) guarantees VA loans. It is accessible to active duty service personnel and veterans. VA loans permit military and veterans to buy homes without the need for an upfront amount or private mortgage insurance.   Best Egg Loan Login

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Lender Amount APR
Prosperity home mortgage $3000 74%
Network Capital $3000 87%
AIG Federal Savings Bank $4000 97%
The City National Bank of Colorado City $3700 61%
American Bank of Commerce Wolfforth $3300 53%

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